Patrol Roster


  1. Patrols is the most important thing we do as a club
  2. Patrols are one day patrols - check your dates and make yourself available.
  3. Have fun on patrol-support your fellow lifeguards.
  4. The whole season will run well if everyone remembers one rule- It is your responsibility to find a replacement if you are unable to patrol please use the phone list and contact someone who has the same responsibility as you. Please do not leave this to your patrol captains!!!!
  5. The Director of Life Guarding is responsible for refreshing each member every season. Refreshing includes checking swim and tube rescue proficiency, first aid and CPR, patrol and rescue procedures. It is recommended that at least one rescue scenario procedure be practiced on each patrol day to reinforce training. At the beginning of each season each member of the patrol is required to read this Operation Manual.
  6. The Captain for selected patrols is in charge of making patrol members aware of patrol dates and will assist member in arranging a replacement if they are unable to patrol on those dates.
  7. Each Patrol will have club 'housekeeping' duties to perform. Your Patrol Captain will delegate these duties so please carry them out willingly.
  8. On bad weather days, if no swimmers are present, the Patrol need not be set up but personnel should stay in the Clubrooms until it is decided to abandon / stand down the Patrol. If possible contact the Director of Life Guarding before abandoning the patrol.
  9. Note: You are rostered on for the whole day

All Patrol Members shall:

  • Practice the basic principles of PREVENTION, RECOGNITION, RESCUE whilst on patrol.
  • Ensure name and start time is logged on the Patrol Captains report form.
  • Ensure swimmers are advised at all times to swim between the red and yellow patrol flags.
  • Where hazards exist, ensure swimmers that enter the water outside the flagged area are warned of these dangers and hazards and advised to swim between the flags.
  • Be polite and courteous when engaging in dialogue with member of the public.
  • All members will ensure they wear the SLSNZ approved lifeguard uniform at all times on patrol.
  • Note leave the patrol unless authorised to by the patrol captain.
  • Always carry a rescue tube and swim fins when on patrol on the waters edge.
  • Advise the patrol captain if ill, injured, or fatigued or can not completed lifeguard duties as delegated.
  • Advise members of the public that the patrol is now closing either (a) conditions permit closing the beach or (b) at the end of the patrol day.
  • Patrol members shall ensure the beach is in a safe condition prior to setting up the patrol. In addition to a safe swimming area, members should pay attention to remove minimise hazards such as broken glass, bottles, needles, branches, floating debris, animals, holes etc.
  • A patrol member shall be stationed in an elevated position at all times during the patrol when swimmers are in the water. When a beach user enters the water, one set of lifeguard eyes must remain on the patrolled area at all times. Never leave the flagged area without observation.
  • Patrol flags and rescue equipment will be positioned as close to the waters edge as possible and will be moved with the tide during the patrol.
  • All patrols shall ensure that if there is a swimmer in the water between the flags, at least one patrol member will patrol at the waters edge between the flags.
  • All members are to promote an image of professionalism (quality), vigilance, service and endurance at all times.
  • Patrol members will keep the central patrol control area (tower) and clubhouse clean and tidy at all times.
  • All members will take responsibility for reporting accurate information through the diligent completion of patrol and incidents forms.

Let's make this a fun and enjoyable summer but keep in mind the professional responsibility that we all have to the public and club.

Saturdays and Sundays 12.00 - 6.00pm