Lifeguard Classes

Posted by Lyall Bay Admin on Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Lifeguard Classes

At this current stage we are running 1 class a week, on Saturdays @ 2pm, all members who do not yet have their lifeguard qualification are encouraged to attend:

  • This will be held inside the No1 clubhouse. Classes begin on the 21st of September.

  • Once we have a greater idea of the availability of the candidates, there will be another session added during the week to ensure that you are all ready for the exam in November.

  • If you are unable to attend that there is also one in the earlier weeks of December.

  • All candidates will be issued with a workbook of which they will work through with an instructor, along with being taught basic CPR and other lifeguard responsibilities.

The form with information on the first exam is available here.
Note that the exam consists of a 400m swim to be completed in under 9 minutes.

If you have any questions please contact Troy Greenem

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